Start your own perfume business. Make your own perfume, cologne, body spray, room spray and pure perfume oils.

We give training on fragrance oils, raw ingredients, fixatives (Long Lasting Fragrance) bottles, packaging materials, machineries and license works

There is no business like perfume business

Training Covers

Test and develop your sense of smell.
Study the olfactory pyramid and its main raw materials.
Learn the basic of perfume creation and understand the importance of olfactory.
Evaluate your creation from a perfumer’s perspective.
Evaluate your creation from a marketing and branding perspective
Perfume formulation.
Transform your passion for perfumes into a sustainable business.
Learn about the business model of French perfumery manufacturing process.


    Type of fragrances

    Formula Sheet
    Packaging Tips
    Sample Costing Computation
    Detail information about raw materials (Perfume Oil, Ethyl Alcohol, Fixative)

    The program is as below module wise:

    1. Learn about the business module of perfumery manufacturing process
    2. Fragrance and components suppliers in India and U.A.E
    3. The Safety Test
    4. Registration of own trade mark
    5. Perfume formulation for men, women and unisex with formula
    6. Product design and development
    7. Artwork and packaging specification country wise
    8. MSDS preparation details